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Shiv's dream of leveraging his vast real estate skills into the service of his former homeland has long been in the making, decades before the current oil and gas boom. This dream was nurtured by his love for his country as well as a desire to help in its progress by introducing the largest real estate organization in the world, RE/MAX. Many years of introspection, and analysis of varying factors have provided Shiv with the comfort to finally proceed with this venture.

With  35 years in real estate, Shiv's experience includes 27- plus years working with RE/MAX as a broker in the residential and commercial fields in Canada. Living in Canada since leaving Guyana over 40 years ago, he never lost touch with his homeland. Throughout these years, he was a constant visitor to the country, where he recognized the need for an organized, reputable real estate brand such as RE/MAX.

This need is highlighted by the fact that RE/MAX currently operates in over 110 countries that include those bordering Guyana, namely Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname; Brazil alone has over 500 offices. Until now, Guyana was the only South American country without a RE/MAX franchise.

The large Guyanese expatriate community in Canada and the USA currently surpasses Guyana's entire local population. Many of these expatriates, recognizing the business and investment opportunities arising out of the current oil boom, are seeking to return.
With the concomitant influx of international brand name hotels, restaurants, Fortune  500 regional head offices, banks, investment firms, etc., there will be many seeking to do business and establish a footing in Guyana. Some others have thoughts of retiring in their former homeland, and many, usually seeking the warmer destinations of Florida, Mexico, etc., are now including Guyana as a perfect destination for winter months. 

At the local level, housing projects, subdivisions, land developments, and all commercial and residential real estate going up can have, through this franchise, an international network through which to tag, access, and attract international clientele into the country.

Possessing a wealth of natural resources, minerals, forestry capabilities, and agriculture in addition to oil and gas, Guyana also gets worldwide attention for ecotourism and world-class waterfalls.

RE/MAX setting foot in the country thus offers multiple opportunities and benefits: helping in the resettlement of remigrants, providing an invaluable connection network for locals, and increasing awareness of the country's varied resources thereby contributing to its economic development and raising its international profile.

We are also looking for franchisees to operate in Georgetown, Berbice, East Bank, Essequibo, West Coast/ West Bank, etc..

With the expansion of housing and oil and gas into suburban areas and in line with government projections on future development in the country, there will be further opportunities in the expanding regions to own franchises to meet the growing needs.

Please feel free to connect with me at 416-275-7911, WhatsApp, or email [email protected]. 

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